20 - 23 June, 2024

Comecer at the AIMN National Congress

Allianz MiCo, Milan, Italy

Let's meet at the AIMN National Congress at booth #B01

Radiopharma - Nuclear Medicine

Comecer is excited to announce its participation in the AIMN National Congress 2024, in Milan from June 20 to 23.

This event presents an invaluable chance to delve into the latest and most groundbreaking topics within the field of radiopharmacy, and solutions that match the hospital facilities needs.

It is the perfect opportunity to discover how Comecer can be the ideal partner for your hospital facilities, from the injection process to the disposal of radioactive waste.

At our booth, you will have the unique chance to explore the full cycle of radiopharmaceutical injection, starting with a multi-dose solution of FDG or other radiopharmaceuticals through IRIS, to patient monitoring through THERABED, which allows you to manage the protected admission of patients undergoing radiometabolic therapy, and the radioactive waste management system, ISP.

Comecer will be located at booth #B01, where visitors can engage directly with our experts.

How to Mitigate Radiation Exposure in PET and PET/CT

Use Automated Injection Systems such as IRIS (Injection and Infusion System), can significantly reduce radiation exposure for operators. These systems minimize the need for manual administration of radiopharmaceuticals, eliminating direct contact and reducing the risk of exposure to the extremities.

Radiopharmaceutical Multidose Injector by Comecer

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Event information

AIMN National Congress 2024
Milan, Italy
20 - 23 June, 2024
Visit Comecer at booth #B01
Radiopharma - Nuclear Medicine