Sparkle Radiopharmaceuticals uses Illuminate for high-quality production management system

Sparkle Radiopharmaceuticals is an Italian radiopharmacy lab using Comecer Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence as a high-quality production management system. It provides real-time critical information on the essential processes of the production activity involving innovative radiopharmaceuticals for industrial and experimental use.

Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence increases production capacity and responsiveness by:
• Reducing downtime, diagnostics and repairs to improve profitability
• Real-time monitoring (production, alarms, sensors, pressure, etc.), wherever you are
• Digitalization of the production process, with decreased production waste resulting in more efficient production
• Improved resource utilization leading to higher profitability.

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Sparkle Radiopharmaceuticals
To deliver safe and on-time radiopharmaceuticals Sparkle needs timely and automated monitoring of its fleet, targeted and centralized management, and optimization of the production process by monitoring equipment processes in real time.

Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence
An industry 4.0 production management system providing real-time critical information on the essential processes of the production activity. It's available for single isolators and complete production lines.


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