Production of metal and halogen radioisotopes with a solid target system

ALCEO solid target for cyclotron production of metal and halogen isotopes

Homemade solid targets to produce radiometals for radiochemistry research and human use are increasing. However, many are not fully automated, and this makes problems to handle radioactive targets after the bombardments, during the transport from the cyclotron to the radiopharmacy, and during the dissolution and purification steps.

ALCEO solid target has been developed for cyclotron production of metal (such as Cu-64, Zr-89, Ga-68 and so on) and halogen (such as I-123, I-124) isotopes.

ALCEO works fully automatically, avoiding radiation exposures and reducing almost completely the dose rate of the operators during all the steps of the radioisotope production.

In this seminar, the nuclear chemistry of Cu-64 via the nuclear reaction 64Ni(p,n)64Cu, Zr-89 via the nuclear reaction 89Y(p,n)89Zr, Ga-68 via the nuclear chemistry 68Zn(p,n)68Ga and I-123\124 via the nuclear reaction 123\124Te(p,n)123\124I will be explain in the details from the target preparation and its nuclear bombardment till the final dissolution/purification of the interested isotopes.

Solid target: ALCEO


Target System - PTS

  • Installed in the cyclotron beam exit port
  • Receives the target shuttle from the modules with a complete automatic pneumatic transfer (pipe 35 mm)

PTS & Cooling system

It is an indipendent cooling system: the customer secondary chiller feeds the heater exchanges of the Cooling system avoiding the contamination of the two chilling fluid path. 

  • Installed outside the bunker
  • Cools down the target under irradiation (He/water flows)
  • Supply description (Power, Compressed air, Helium cooling, Water cooling IN and OUT)

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