Oncology Compounding

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Oncology Compounding

Compounded medications are prescription-based personalized doses, in which individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form required by a specific patient.
With the possibility of compounding, each patient can receive a customized medication to meet his/her own specific needs.

Challenges in Oncology Compounding

The preparation of anticancer therapies is challenging for several reasons.

Clinical RISK

Accuracy: the medications are extremely toxic for the patient and therefore need to be managed with extreme accuracy in order to allow efficacy without overtreatment. For this reason when these drugs are compounded manually, human factors such as interruptions, fatigue, and memory lapse are recognized in clinical literature to contribute to preparation errors.

Sterility: as these drugs are destined to be injected into patients, contamination of patient drug preparations can result in serious injury and patient mortality.

Safety of Health Professionals

Toxicity: as they are highly toxic, the health of the operators managing daily tens of preparations need to be protected at maximum level. Any spillage, aerosol, direct contact with the operator must be avoided and, in case it happens, the operator must be sufficiently protected.


No residuals: anticancer medications are extremely costly. For this reason, savings in preparation, waste reductions and avoidance or minimization of unused portions of a bottle of active principle are important.

Our oncology compounding solutions provide these benefits:

Patient safety

  • Maximum sterility
  • Top class disinfection
  • Prescription cross-check

Operator protection

  • High containment technology
  • No direct operator manipulation
  • Separate waste system


  • Accurate gravimetric dosage system


  • No residuals
  • Less errors

Here the Comecer's solutions suitable for Oncology Compounding:


PHARMODUCT, the Automatic Compounding System

It is an automated and patented device for the sterile preparation of personalised oncology drugs, including chemotherapy and biologicals.

IRIS, the Radiopharmaceutical Multidose Injector

It is a radiopharmaceutical injector that performs calibrated injections to patients, starting from a multi-dose solution of FDG or other radiopharmaceuticals.


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What is compounding?
The term ' compounding' refers to the creation of a customised, patient-specific drug formulation based on a specific medical prescription: the ingredients indicated by the doctor are mixed in the right proportions to meet patient’s needs. 
Pharmaceutical compounding formulations can be prepared directly by hospital pharmacists or in pharmacies specialising in compounding. Such preparations are mostly intended for parenteral infusion or oral administration, and are often required for chemotherapy treatment in oncology, parenteral nutrition, antibiotic administration, etc.

What are the benefits of Compounding?
There are benefits associated with compounding, many of which focus on providing patients with pharmaceutical products that have been customized to fit their own unique needs when standard marketed drugs fail to do so.
Compounding is the creation of a personalized drug to meet the unique needs of a patient. It is performed by a licensed pharmacist, a licensed physician or a person under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. In Hospitals and Compounding Labs worldwide, an enormous number of oncology treatments are prepared every day.

What are the advantages of using automation in compounding?

  • High performance
  • Top accuracy
  • Patient safety
  • Full traceability
  • Operator protection
  • Total flexibility

What are the advantages of Pharmoduct vs traditional automation? 
Existing robotic compounding systems only replicate manual operations without any real optimization of the whole compounding process: therapies are prepared one after the other in the order of prescription. The main consequence of this is the fact that pharmacies still have a very low control of drug waste and related costs.

  • High performance: Pharmoduct is an automated and patented device for the sterile preparation of personalised oncology drugs, which optimizes workflows reading the electronic prescriptions and grouping the ones that are based on the same API in a comprehensive macro-dose.
  • Patient safety & Operator protection: Pharmoduct is a device capable of automatically preparing the final dose for the patient without any direct manipulation by the operator.
  • Top accuracy: Pharmoduct, thanks to a gravimetric accurate measuring system, is able to check the correct dosage of each preparation in real time.
  • Significant savings: Pharmoduct streamlines the process by reducing working remains with next to zero waste. The operating characteristic allows the complete exploitation of overfill quantity in the vials, with a consequent economic enhancement guaranteed.