IBC User meeting and more: the right dose, in the right patient, at the right time


duration: 1 h 15 min


Luuk Naarding
IBC Product Owner

In this webinar, the evolution of our IBC software platform is presented:

After a brief introduction about Comecer Netherlands, the new version of IBC is described in detail, including ordering MD vials and radiopharmaceuticals in volume with live demonstrations.

The developments of IBC do not stop there, our plans for future developments of IBC are also outlined, including compliance, various improvements to the user experience, and a return to a modular software approach.

In addition, Comecer Netherlands is introducing a new software: SmartLab. SmartLab is designed to simplify the way people work. By creating an API and using cloud services, SmartLab will help connect to external software and hardware, validate software after updates, and provide a unified and simple user interface.

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