Do you need to automatically produce large radiopharmaceuticals batches of different formats? 
Discover the High-Throughput Aseptic Isolator


duration: 30 minutes


Matteo Galassi
Global Sales Manager - Radiopharma division


Matteo Melandri
Sales Engineering Manager - Radiopharma division

Sign up and discover the High-Throughput Aseptic Isolator that allows both vials and syringes dispensing through a complete GMP compliant process.
HELIOS doesn’t require any additional certification procedure and it reduces management’s costs.

Discover in this webinar the features of this Comecer Radiopharma product as:

  • Integrated fully automatic dispensing system in the main chamber
  • Complete cleanability for aseptic area
  • Easily removing of the vial holder
  • Easy change of formats between vial size and syringes
  • Large batch size

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