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What is a dose calibrator and what is it used for?

The radionuclide dose calibrators of Comecer Netherlands are designed to measure the radioactive patient doses to ensure the right dose is prepared for the right patient. They are used all over the world in Nuclear Medicine Departments and radiopharmaceutical production facilities to measure radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnostic use as for therapeutic use.

All the Comecer dose calibrators have a completely digital signal processing and are equipped with the intuitive IBC-Lite software that displays the measured dose, but also helps and guides the user to perform the daily quality checks to ensure the proper operation of the dose calibrator. 

The radionuclide doses are inserted in the dose calibrator using a sample holder called dipper. Several other accessories are available like the dipper lift to automatically lower the sample in the dose calibrator, copper dipper to measure I-123, shieldings and a label printer that can be used to print a label of the measured dose

Are there different models of Dose Calibrators?

Comecer Netherlands has several standard models available, depending on the needs of the user.

The two main well-type dosecalibrators are:

  • IBC Dose Calibrator
    With a measurement range of up to 200 GBq / 6 Ci for Tc-99m and up to 70 GBq / 2 Ci for F-18 this is the preferred choise for the Nuclear Medicine department in a hospital. The range is suitable to measure the delivered doses of radiopharmaceuticals, the prepared products and the patient doses. The dose calibrators can be used stand-alone, but also build in the table top or inside the surface of the (microbiological safety) hoods.
  • IBC Dose Calibrator XR
    The RDC-VIK-203 has an increased measurement range compared to the standard IBC Dose Calibrator. With a range of up to 2000 GB / 60 Ci for Tc-99m and up to 700 GBq / 20 Ci for F-18 this is the preferred choice for Radiopharmaceutical Production facilities. This range is mostly suitable to measure the produced doses of radiopharmaceuticals before they are dispensed and shipped to the end users. This type of dose calibrators must always be build in the production line due to the high radiation dose of the measured radiopharmaceuticals.
Both versions are also available as stand alone system that includes a 10” touch screen PC suitable for use in a clean room. These version are the VDC-606 Dose Calibrator and the VDC-606 Dose Calibrator XR.

If the measurement ranges of these dose calibrators is not suitable for the needs of the user, Comecer Netherlands is also able to build custom dosecalibrators in measurement range, but also in size and/or shape. This way dose calibrators with a very high range can be made. Even dose calibrators with a very low range, very sensitive dose calibrators, can be made, just to fit the needs of the user.

Product highlights

  • Quality control tests for the ionisation chamber
  • Simultaneous control of two ionization chambers
  • Interface with IBC management software
  • FDA approved and Medical Device
  • Radionuclide purity test of the radiopharmaceutical
  • VIK-202 or VIK-203 ionisation chamber

What are the latest innovations?

From the beginning of 2023 the Dose Calibrators of Comecer are newly certified by the notified body Dekra as MDR compliant, next to the FDA approval already available. The compliance to the latest norms and regulations means that the Dose Calibrators of Comecer Netherlands are future proof and a good investment for a Nuclear Medicine Department or Production Facility.

On the software side, an important part of the dose calibrators, Comecer Netherlands is continuously improving the read-out software. Currently the successor of the IBC-Lite software is being developed based on our new SmartLab platform using cutting edge web based technology. In the future all Comecer Netherlands applications will be integrated in this platform, giving the user a large benefit since all the collected data during the production process will be available from one place. This means that reports like a batch report can be completely generated with all necessary data available in the platform, but also synergy between the different applications can be easily exploited. All the data from one application is available for the other. For example the audit trail will not only include the audit trail of the dose calibrator, but also includes the audit trail from the other applications like our SmartGuard monitoring system.


The first version of this new software called DoseApp is already available for situations where the medical device certification is not necessary. DoseApp takes care of the basic measurement tasks, but also supports the daily quality checks. Early 2024 this new software will be completely certified and will replace the current IBC-Lite software. It will be possible to upgrade the software to the new DoseIT software, which includes basic guidance to prepare the patient dose coming from the hospital information system using DICOM and a database with all the prepared doses. 

If you buy our newest MDR certified dose calibrator with IBC-Lite now, you will be offered a free update to this new platform once it is fully available as MDR compliant solution.

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