17 - 21 April 2023

Comecer will attend the International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals

Vienna, Austria

Meet our Radiopharma team and discover Comecer's achievements in radioisotopes production with a focus on Actinium 225

Radiopharma - Nuclear Medicine

Comecer will attend the International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals (ISTR), organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in Vienna, Austria, from 17 to 21 April.

This event focuses attention on the production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals and the latest developments and challenges in the field.

For this reason, Comecer wants to show its achievements in the production of radioisotopes such as Actinium 225 thanks to the Solid Target Processing System and the new MIKROS, Micro-dispenser for Lu-177 and Ac-225: plan to visit us at booth #M7 and explore all the highlights of this new dispenser!

At this event you will learn more also about Alceo 4.0: with this new product release, it is now possible to produce up to 7 isotopes: 61Cu, 64Cu, 89Zr, 124I, 123I, 68Ga, 44Sc, 86Y, and 45Ti.

Last but not least, at our booth, our expert Mario Malinconico, Product Manager, and Senior Radiochemist will present a scientific poster about  225Ac production. Don't miss it!

Our Radiopharma team is waiting for you at to answer all your questions and share our references.

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MIKROS, the Micro-dispenser for Lu-177 and Ac-225

The dispensing system for radiopharmaceuticals labeled with 225Ac or 177Lu.

  • Possibility to dispense both 177Lu and 225Ac
  • Possibility to dispense from 10 µl to 5000 µl with high precision
  • Safe and fast!

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Event information

ISTR 2023
Vienna, Austria
17 - 21 April, 2023
 Visit Comecer at booth #M7
Radiopharma - Nuclear Medicine