Comecer is pleased to be part of this collaboration with SSCB - Swiss Stem Cells Biotech, for the future of advanced therapies

Comecer is pleased to announce the collaboration with SSCB - Swiss Stem Cells Biotech, a Swiss biotech company founded in 2005 within Cardiocentro in Ticino.
SSCB operates in the context of stem cells of different origins. It is the only one in Switzerland accredited by FACT - NetCord and authorized by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and by the drug regulatory body Swissmedic.

Stem Cells are unspecialized cells capable of transforming into different cell types, each with specific functions. This unique process of generation and specialization (of cells) is the basis for building and maintaining our bodies.
Today, thanks to science and constant research by experts, it is possible to use Stem Cells in the treatment of blood diseases.

Cord Blood is a valuable source of hematopoietic stem cells, cells that give rise to all blood cells such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.
Collection and transport of these materials must be performed under aseptic conditions, and the aseptic nature of the process must be ensured for all processing steps.

This concept is often summarized as GMP Certified Activity: certification that elevates the quality of the products processed by SSCB to the drug level.
In SSCB these processes take place in special advanced facilities that the laboratory has been equipped with a few years ago: the isolators, closed environments for the aseptic process of cellular tissues, within which operators can safely manipulate the materials received and extract the stem cells they contain in conditions of absolute cleanliness and safety.

In the isolators the product is completely segregated from the operator and the surrounding environment, with obvious advantages from the point of view of potential contamination of the same, the environmental conditions of processing and, ultimately, the quality of the process.

The technological capability of SSCB comes from the collaboration with Comecer, an Italian company leader in the technology of pharmaceutical processing in aseptic and one of the market leaders in the realization of Isolators for Advanced Therapies/Cellular Processes.

Some of the technological achievements used also in SSCB are absolute innovations, such as the integration of key elements of the laboratory process (incubators, centrifuges, refrigerators) in an aseptic environment and are unique in terms of compliance with GMP requirements.

Innovation is for SSCB a process of natural evolution of the acquired skills thanks to which it is possible to offer to doctors and patients innovative treatments, with high technological content, developed on the basis of the latest scientific evidence.
In SSCB we decided to take a further step: innovation is also active collaboration and attention to the updated technological offer and able to ensure cutting-edge production processes, not only under the scientific aspect, but also under the technological one.

We at Comecer are pleased to be part of this collaboration with SSCB for the future of advanced therapies.

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