Breaking News for your Cell & Gene production:

Announcing the ValueCell Family


Are you involved with Cell & Gene Therapy?

  • Do you want to increase your capacity to successfully carry out aseptic processing?
  • Are you worried about product variability tied to unstable environmental conditions?
  • Are you looking for a system that can expand with your progress and assist you from early R&D phases to clinical trials and eventually scale up to a commercial level?
Isolators for Cell Therapy FAQs

Now you can!
We are introducing a newly designed ValueCell product line

ValueCell Isolators are a family of products built around a common core: the Comecer Aseptic Isolator.

ValueCell Isolators are equipped with the devices commonly used in cell & gene therapy, available as standard or customizable configurations: incubators and centrifuges as a primary focus, but also refrigerators, freezing systems, transfer and sampling systems, product packaging, and filling, if necessary.

To assist you in the different phases of your research projects, we have designed it with a modular and flexible philosophy:


ValueCell SOLO
Stand alone Cell & Gene Therapy isolator

Integrated incubator
Large capacity centrifuge
SART port for waste & product exit
Laminar airflow
GAMP 5 compliant software
Integrated decontamination system


ValueCell COMBI
Stand alone Cell & Gene Therapy isolator combining different basic modules

Advanced Modularity
Flexibility in material introduction
Parallel processing
Compact design


ValueCell FLEXY
Stand alone Cell & Gene Therapy isolator

• Laminar airflow
• Fully PLC controlled
Software GAMP 5 compliant
• High grade stainless steel
• Fully welded chamber
• Integrated decontamination system