A new dispensing system for Carrier-free radioisotopes

Comecer introduces its new micro-dispenser to dispense both 177Lu or 225Ac



Micro-dispenser for 177Lu and 225Ac

MIKROS is a micro-dispenser system for Carrier-free radioisotopes such as 225Ac or 177Lu inside 2-ml conical DIN ISO 20 and 10-ml flat-bottom DIN ISO 20 vials. It's a safe and fast dispenser and is designed to be used in a pharmaceutical or similar environment with proper management of cleaning tasks and environmental parameters.

We will soon provide you with full details of the parts of the new micro-dispenser and how it operates.
The main product parts are:

MIKROS_Dispensing area

MIKROS can microdispensing activity from the bulk and the second micropipette can dilute it

MIKROS_Vial transfer system

After the filling process, the vial can be discharged with teleplayers ot telemanips

MIKROS_Crimping station

The vial is automatically decap for the filling process - at the end, it will be crimped automatically

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